Creative Technologist at MOBGEN

We are looking for a Creative Technologist [Amsterdam-based or willing to move there] who will work with our design, lab and project teams to build useful and beautiful digital products that end users will love.


We are MOBGEN, part of Accenture Digital and an award-winning global innovation specialist with unique skills in mobile UI, UX and technology. We help international brands with the development and implementation of an effective mobile strategy, covering B2C, B2B and B2E mobile platforms. Our innovation channel MOBGEN:Lab encourages experimentation in arts and technology (see examples such as the FLUX:FX and SMARTIFY apps). We have a great culture, exciting projects and successful executions.

Our values

  • Exploration: Curiosity. Inspiration. Uncover. Discover. Try. Build and test. Fail fast. Iterate.

  • Creation: We are builders, makers, hackers, creators. We bring things to life.

  • Accuracy: Squeaky clean code. Precise design. Flawless experience. Timely delivery.

  • Evangelism: Live the product. Own it. Promote it. Love it.

  • Collaboration: Committed teams or experts, working together in a fun, positive & informal environment.

Creative Technologist DNA

I am a maker. I write digital code and create physical products that are useful and beautiful.

Day in the lab

  • Sync up with our team of creative experts that build useful and beautiful digital products that the end user will love.

  • Setup your beamer and display your work to people that are visiting the lab.

  • Work with the latest hardware gadgets ranging between AR/VR/360/Mobile and Robotics.

  • Write awesome code that boosts interactivity of our products.

  • Share your knowledge with our lab team to continuously increase our code knowledge, tools and processes.


  • Select the best development approach for each track based on desired user experience, flexibility, time and budget.

  • Build and test. Fail fast. Iterate. You will help the product to grow step by step.

  • Work together with the Innovation Lead in order to maintain a relevant lab portfolio.

  • Stays educated on latest trends and practices across state of the art software development.


  • Work within short cycles to create a working prototype that can be tested and demonstrated towards the client.

  • Work with a future vision on how to iterate from prototype towards a shippable product.

  • In-depth knowledge of the Cocoa Touch frameworks and fluency in Objective-C or Swift AND/OR in-depth knowledge of the Android application framework with fluency in Java demonstrating a solid understanding of the Android SDK is a big plus.

  • Understanding of a wide variety of coding languages (Javascript, OpenGL, openFrameworks, Python, Django, Ruby, PHP or similar languages), back-end environments and familiarity with API’s and SDK’s. You won't need to demonstrate expert knowledge of all languages, but will know when to apply one or the other.

  • Experience with Atypical input (ie. touch, voice, ambient, gesture) is a plus.

  • Knowledge of Kinect/OpenCV/Unity/Cinder/Processing is a plus.

  • Able to express yourself extremely well in English (both writing and speaking).

  • You are aware that a job is more than just the job-description. To be honest we don't live by job descriptions, and we want to fit the role to the person.


  • Salary in accordance with your responsibilities
  • Being part of an enthusiast group that you can share ideas with
  • Interesting projects to work on
  • Fruits, snacks and soft drinks at the office
  • Team building activities throughout the year
  • Internal hackathons, participation to conferences, e-learning
  • Nice package of benefits (mobile phone, pension plan, 26 vacation days, and more!)